Earth Blues Festival

From JUNE 7 to JUNE 10, 2019, the island of Marie-Galante in Guadeloupe will welcome you for 4 days of festivities with: MS. LAURYN HILL, MALAVOI & RALPH THAMAR, TARRUS RILEY, EVAÏANA, TIKEN JAH FAKOLY, MAJÒ O KA, BIG DADDY WILSON, JACQUES SCHWARZ BART, AKIYO MIZIK and TANMPO KLASSIK LIVE

The Festival Terre de Blues of Marie-Galante is an organization Tourist Office of Marie-Galante and Community of Communes of Marie-Galante, with the support of the Region Guadeloupe and the County Council of Guadeloupe.


Transkarukera, great international raid

The Transka Association created in 2009, works for the development and promotion of the Trail. It organizes the TRANSKARUKERA GUADELOUPE, nature race to discover the island. The proposed races:
– Mangrove Trail Nocture
– Trail of the Grands Fonds on 30/12/2018
– Trail Nocture of the Caribbean Mountains 04/05/2019
– The TRANSKARUKERA the 21/06/2019


Gwo-ka Festival in Sainte-Anne

The Gwo Ka festival in Sainte-Anne has become a major cultural event. Every year since 1987, the famous festival brings together many percussion artists who give free rein to their creativity. They combine the areas of expression such as singing, dancing and the 7 musical rhythms of the instrument (Kaladja, Menndé, Léwoz, Padjanbel, Gwadjanbel, Woulé, Graj, Toumblak). They also value individual qualities of improvisation. Must see and hear absolutely on the streets or on the beach.


International Cycling Tour of Guadeloupe

Great fans of cycling, the Guadeloupeans are passionate about this competition rich in colors and sports twists. A lot of teams from the island, the metropolis and other countries will participate in the 69th International Tour of Guadeloupe.

August 2 to 11, 2019


Feast of cooks in Pointe-à-Pitre

The association of Guadeloupe cooks honors Saint-Laurent, the patron saint of cooks. The cooks make the Mass heard at the sumptuous cathedral of Pointe-à-Pitre, dressed in their most beautiful traditional dresses, headdresses and madras, adorned with their most beautiful jewels and wearing an apron on which is embroidered their emblem: the grill of saint Lawrence. They will have their dishes blessed, carefully lined up at the foot of the altar in baskets embellished with flowers and cooking utensils.
Then it’s a long procession through the streets of the city, baskets on the arm or on the head. A large meal followed by a ball concludes the festivities.


Toussaint is Halloween

November 1, the day of the dead, is locally a holiday. In Guadeloupe, the cemeteries are illuminated by candles placed around flowering tombs on which families sit and toast in memory of the dead. All the cemeteries of the islands burn with candles, in memory of the deceased. The families get together, clean the graves, discuss … Of course, you have to ask permission to take pictures.

From 1 to 2 november

Christmas Kakado and Chanté Nwel in Guadeloupe

A major cultural event in Guadeloupe, the Nwel songs are traditional songs of Caribbean Christmas (hymns), which sometimes deviate from the strict religious tradition. Throughout the Advent season, practically in every commune, the villagers meet each other on week-ends to celebrate the approach of Christmas with songs. Around the kakado crib (named after a little black crayfish of the rivers, which we used to consume at Christmas), which moves every year, we sing Christmas carols, we pass on the ancestral traditions and we consume traditional dishes and drinks: Christmas ham, scrubb or orange rum, yam, anisette, currant syrup …

The Nwel Kakado festival of Vieux-Habitants is the most famous, the first Friday of Advent. In this city of Basse-Terre, Advent gives rise to all kinds of festivities: songs of songs, animations, traditional dishes, illuminations, election of the Queen of the nursery and concerts of Chanté Nwel.